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Where the off-the-record conversations in your workplace happen.

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What is Scoop?

Scoop cuts through office politics, and goes straight to all the conversations that matter.


Ask and get straight answers. No question is off limits. Identify yourself or be anonymous - ask anything and everything.


Rumors, rants, and gossip. Go straight to the conversations that take place behind closed doors and at happy hours.


Important updates. Let people know that you are an authority and propel your ideas.

What is being said

Take a peek into the conversations that are taking place on Scoop.

Scoop is a safe environment

Scoop takes privacy and security seriously through the following ways:

  • Only people within your company can see your posts. We reverify our users periodically to make sure only your current coworkers can see whats happening.
  • Scoop never stores your email address. Once you verify that you work at a company we immediately disassociate your email address completely from your mobile device.
  • By default you're anonymous. Identify yourself only when you want to.

About Scoop

We want to reward our co-workers, propel our ideas, promote honest debate, and run our crazy notions up the flagpole - all without the negative connotations, repercussions, or politics that many times get in the way. Scoop is a platform to nurture our best ideas, harvest our best thoughts, and surface our best and brightest insights - where we can all benefit from the wisdom of the crowd.


Send all questions and inquiries to Scoop Inquiries.

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