Scoop - The app for off-the-record conversation in the workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How it Works

What is Scoop?

Scoop is an app that allows you to share ideas, gossip, complaints, and genuine sentiment with your coworkers. We believe the best ideation occurs when everyone is comfortable enough to express candid opinions and feedback. Scoop fosters that environment by letting people speak up without the context of office politics, peer pressure, or fear of repercussions. Each person only has access to their company’s Scoops.

Am I anonymous or not?

Scoop allows users to either identify themselves for be annonymous. We do not collect any personally identifying information. That means that Scoop does not store email, name, phone number, title, etc. So there is no way to connect your activity on Scoop to your identity. If you choose to identify yourself in Scoops, your name is stored on your phone, but that’s the only place.

I don't want people to know that I'm posting. How does Scoop keep me anonymous?

We do not collect any personally identifying information. That means that Scoop does not store email, name, phone number, title, etc. So there is no way to connect your activity on Scoop to your identity.

How does Scoop make sure that only employees of the company I work for see my Scoops?

Scoop verifies each user through their corporate email address. Scoop reverifies this information periodically and regularly to insure that only current employees at the company have access to a company's Scoops. Any user who is unable to reverify their corporate email address will immediately be blocked from accessing Scoops at that company.

Does the Scoop team know who is posting?

Nope. Since we do not associate your email address with your mobile device, we have no idea who is posting what. This is why all Scoop team members feel 100% comfortable using Scoop internally for our own complaints, gossip, and ideas.

Do Scoops ever cross my corporate network?

No. Scoops travel across the mobile cell network, not your corporate network, unless you connect via WIFI to your work with your mobile device.

Can I see Scoops from other companies?

Users will only be able to access the Scoops for the company that they work for. You can chose to share a Scoop through email or text with someone who does not work for your company, but the recipient won’t be able to access your company’s Scoops unless they have a email address at the specific company you work for.

How does Scoop know which company I work for?

When you first sign up for Scoop, we ask you for your corporate email address. We use this email address to validate what company you work for so that we can give you access to your company’s Scoops.

Why do you ask me for my corporate email address?

We require you to enter your company email address in order to validate where you work. We want to make sure you work where you say you work. We want users to only see the Scoops that are highly relevant to them and validating employment through email address is the primary way we do so. Your email address is immediately disassociated from your mobile device upon validation.

When you validate through my company email, isn’t that personally identifying information that Scoop can use to figure out who I am?

After you validate your corporate email address, we immediately disassociate your email from your mobile device so that anything you do on Scoop will not be traced back to your corporate email. We do ask you to revalidate every 6 months to confirm your work place, but just like initial validation, your email address is not associated with your mobile device.

How do I get started using Scoop?

You can download Scoop directly from the iOS store or from Google Play.

Once you download the app, we require you to enter your company email address in order to validate where you work. This email address is never stored anywhere other than your phone. This is true anytime you revalidate your employer which is something we require every 6 months.

My company is not currently available on Scoop, how do I join?

Email feedback[atsign] to request your company be added to Scoop.

You can also signup on Scoop, and chose to be notified when your company is available. How do I add coworkers?

Click on settings, which is the gear on the left hand corner of the main menu of the app, and then click “Invite Friends”. Invitations are 100% anonymous so your coworkers will not know who sent the invite.

Can I see which of my coworkers are on Scoop?

If they identify themselves, yes. Otherwise, no.

What is the difference between the two tabs “Feed” and “Following”?

“Feed" are all the Scoops created in your company. “Following" are the Scoops that you have either created, followed, liked, voted on, and/or commented on.

How do I follow something?

To follow a Scoop, click on the eye icon seen on every Scoop. A filled in eye indicates that you’re following a Scoop.

How do I unfollow something?

Click on the filled eye of a Scoop that you’re following to unfollow.

How do I change the image for my Scoop?

Click on the camera icon on the create a Scoop screen.

How do I delete a Scoop?

Click on the menu icon on the Scoop you want to remove (located on the bottom left hand corner of the action bar), and then click “Remove Scoop"

Can I edit a Scoop after I’ve created it?

Currently you can’t edit a Scoop. You can only remove it at this point.

How can I share a Scoop with a coworker?

Click on the share icon on the bottom of the Scoop. Sharing is 100% anonymous which means that your coworker won’t know who sent the Scoop to them

How can I logout?

There is no logout because we don’t store user credentials. This means no usernames and no passwords.

How can I use Scoop on a different device?

If your Scoop app data is backed up on iCloud you can install the Scoop app on your secondary mobile device and backup from iCloud.

What happens to my Scoop history after uninstalling the app?

If it's backed up on iCloud it can be restored from iCloud. Otherwise, your app history will be deleted upon uninstall.

How do I delete myself from Scoop forever?

Unistall Scoop, remove Scoop from your iCloud backup if you have it enabled.

How do I join the Scoop team?

We’re always looking for smart, driven talent. If you’re interested in joining the Scoop team you can shoot us an email here jobs[atsign]